Practice Like You’re Reading A Book

I absolutely love learning languages and in fact I read, write, and speak English, Japanese, and Spanish. I’ve spent countless hours over the years working to get these languages to a point where I can use them effectively.

Even then there are gaps here in there depending on the situation. That is because mastery of a language consists of listening comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking well.

For the sake of today’s discussion I would like to take a look at the process of learning to read and how it relates to learning a martial art.

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Posture: The Foundation Of Strength


This is something you will hear me say numerous times during our Juyukai classes.

This single cue is a reminder to my students to get back into what I call a position of authority. Whether you’re standing or on the ground, having proper posture is necessary for any position you might find yourself in. 

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