What Is The Juyukai?


    • The JuYuKai is a private group – no drop-ins, invitation only.
    • Train hard, but if you’re too rough, you’re gone.
    • Train for longevity, not for competition. 
    • Study concepts and universal movement patterns over techniques.
    • Problem-solve through timed “drills” (selective tension positional sparring with specific goal)
    • Always protect yourself and your partner. 
    • Train as much as you can but always at your own pace. 
    • If you have an injury, work around it. If you’re sick, don’t show up. 
    • Open and honest communication between members. 
    • Clean body, clean clothes, clean mats, clean mind.
    • No “1-2-3 Clap” or saying “OSS!”
    • Do your warm-ups, calisthenics, strength-work outside of class. 
    • No bowing to a photo.
    • Trust in the process.
    • Have fun. 

Class Info

Class Considerations

    • Try to get there 15 minutes early to prepare and warm-up
    • Clean your feet on the towel before stepping on the mat
    • Bow before stepping on the mat
    • Bow before stepping off of the mat 
    • Use your shoes if you are going to the toilet
    • Wipe feet before getting back on the mat
    • Line up when it’s time for class to start

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